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My husband grew up in Columbus, but I grew up in Cincinnati (two hours south), so I am new to our city and even though John grew up here, many things have changed since then. We are really enjoying exploring our “new” city and I hope to share those adventures regularly on the blog.

COSI is an amazing science center in downtown Columbus and I actually did visit COSI about 26 years ago when I was in sixth grade. Or fifth grade. I can’t remember. Man, has it really been that long? So, when we moved back I was so excited to take our girls there. I did some quick research because one of our daughters is autistic and the other has some autistic markers. I was SO happy to see that they were going to host an Autism Activities Day at COSI. For three hours, the science center is open to families with autistic children and adults! They limit the amount of people that can get in and it’s closed to the general public. I can’t tell you how amazing this kind of opportunity is for families like mine. Going on these exciting adventures can be very overwhelming and difficult for those with autism. So having a calmer environment and being surrounded by families dealing with the exact same thing as you is such a relief. You don’t get the judgmental stares when your child does something that is deemed “bad behavior” to someone who doesn’t know the full story. Everyone is so understanding. They just know what it is you are going through.

We went this past weekend and had a blast! There weren’t very many people there, so we were able to really spend time with some of the exhibits, which are all interactive. Here are some images I took with my iPhone of our trip. They are hosting another one in November and we will definitely be signing up for that one too! And I should note that they also have Sensory Friendly Movie showings at COSI as well. I think we might try out one of those if the mood strikes.



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